trc20转换erc20:SC identifies four priorities for economic sustainability

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KUALA LUMPUR: The Securities Commission identified four priorities during its Industry Dialogue sessions to ensure the overall economy remains robust and sustainable, said chairman Datuk Sri Awang Adek Hussin.

"The SC has identified four priorities which are reviving private investments, promoting more effective and inclusive mobilisation of savings, supporting a sustainable transition and encouraging the industry to continue modernising," he said in a statement.

According to the SC, other areas discussed during Industry Dialogue 2022 included the need for continued innovation and digitisation across the entire value-chain within the capital market, the role of market-based funding particularly to support *** all and medium enterprises, readiness to scale up the offering of sustainable and responsible Investment funding and investments, and expanding the breadth and depth of the Islamic capital market.

The SC's Industry Dialogue 2022 which concluded on Thursday, outlined key areas to enable a robust and sustainable capital market against the backdrop of a fast-changing environment.


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The event is a venue for candid engagement between the SC with various capital market participants and industry associations consisting of, amongst others, investment banks, stockbroking and fund management companies to discuss developments, potential opportunities and emerging risks in the capital market.

.“The consultative approach taken to engage key stakeholders will undoubtedly serve as an effective platform to catalyse positive change in the capital market ecosystem.

"I am committed to this approach, as it will help drive initiatives forward in a more transparent and inclusive manner,” said Awang Adek.

Continuous engagement and close collaborations with key stakeholders are crucial to policy formulation and developmental initiatives particularly in light of the challenging period financial markets are going through, he added.