Telegram斗地主机器人:Hybrid work enhancing workers well-being and productivity in Malaysia


* 86% of Malaysian employees say the ability to work from anywhere has made them happier

* Hybrid work has improved total well-being, with 82% saying they saved money in the past year and 72% have gotten physically fitter

* Only one in five employees in Malaysia feel their organisation is very prepared for hybrid work

HYBRID working has improved total employee well-being, work-life balance, and performance in Malaysia, according to a new global Cisco study.

While organisations have benefited from higher employee productivity levels, more needs to be done to build an inclusive culture and fully embed hybrid work arrangements to boost readiness levels and enhance employee experience.

Cisco’s recent study found that 60% employees in Malaysia believe that quality of work has improved and 55% felt that their productivity has enhanced. However, only 20% Malaysia employees think that their company is “very prepared” for a hybrid work future.

“The last two years have shown us that work is no longer where we go, but what we do. In a hybrid normal, employees and employers in Malaysia are experiencing tangible benefits from improved employee well-being to better productivity and work performance,” said Hana Raja, managing director, Cisco Malaysia.

“Leaders need to rethink how to cultivate an inclusive culture, place employees – their experience, engagement, and well-being – at the centre, and modernise their networking and security infrastructure to provide a seamless, secure and inclusive employee experience,” she added.


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Hybrid working has improved total employee well-being

Cisco’s research examined the impact of hybrid working on five categories of well-being – emotional, financial, mental, physical, and social well-being – with over 79% of respondents saying hybrid and remote working has improved various aspects of it.

Time away from the office has improved work-life balance for 79% of Malaysian employees and 82% has indicated an improvement in their financial well-being, while 72% respondents believe their physical fitness has improved with remote working. 80% indicate that remote working has improved family relationships and 44% of the respondents reporting strengthened relationships with friends.

Trust and transparency are key in building a successful hybrid work future

According to 74% of Malaysian employees, they want a combination of a remote and in-office hybrid working model in the future, compared to a fully remote (22%) and fully in-office (5%) experience.

However, there is uncertainty over how different work styles might impact inclusion and engagement.

Over half (59%) of Malaysian respondents believe micromanaging behaviours had increased with hybrid and remote working.

“Trust has become a core tenet in our hybrid work normal, alongside flexibility, and empathetic leadership.

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